AWAFEY Halawa with Pistachio out of 55% Sesame Paste 800g

AWAFEY Halawa with Pistachio out of 55% Sesame Paste 800g

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What is Halva?

Halva is a block-shaped confectionery specialty from the Orient, which reminds in the consistency of nougat. The ingredients of Halva are as diverse as the countries in which the treat is eaten. Sliced ​​Halva is served as a dessert or simply snacked in between as a snack.

The name derives from the Arabic word Halawa for "sweet". In its basic form, halva consists of sesame paste (Tahin), sugar, honey and oil. Classics are Halva with almonds, pistachios and nuts. Often, cocoa powder or vanilla are also added to give the halva more flavor.

How is Halva made?

In the classic version of the Mediterranean, sesame is processed into a paste or ready-made sesame paste (Tahin) is used. Sugar, syrup or honey (or all together) are boiled and mixed with soap base extract as a whipping agent. Then mix the sweetmeat with the sesame paste and add other ingredients such as nuts, almonds etc. and flavors such as vanilla, cocoa or lemon juice.

The finished mass is formed into large rectangular blocks. Most halva is consumed pure,  the block is cut into slices or cubes and served.

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